Dog Sledding in Mongolia

Even though dogs have been an integral part of Mongolian nomadic life, only now has dog sledding become known in Mongolia thanks to Joel Rauzy, the experienced mountain guide and sled dog driver or Musher, from the Pyrenees mountains who set off to discover Mongolia, the last place in the world were there is snow but no dog sledding! He will be your guide on our expeditions.

Winter is hard in Mongolia, hard but beautiful! Each winter temperatures can fall to minus 40 Celsius, making Ulaanbaatar the coldest capital in the world. But usually day temperatures would be around minus 10 during the times when we invite you to our dog sledding adventure. It is fascinating to experience such a continental climate, where air pressure is high, the sun is shining all day and all the nomads you meet will love to see you, a most appreciated guest in the middle of the winter!

Our program either combines dog sledding with cultural activities or it concentrates solely on dog sledding. We offer you to attend the unique Camel festival. Camels are at their most beautiful in winter when they have all the fur. Additionally we combine the dog sledding adventure with the lunar new year. This most important traditional festival is all about the unity of the family. You will visit families yourself and witness this great festivity.

Day 1

We drive to the “World’s Oldest National Park” the Bogd Khaan National Park. We will meet our dogs and have some sledding practice around the area. Dinner and overnight will be at the Bumbat ger camp.

Day 2

After breakfast we sled to Gachuurt winter ger camp, located in the Khentii Mountain range. The Khentii Nuruu range, which covers the north-west corner of the aimag and part of the giant 1.2 million hectare Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area. Khentii province is believed to be the birth and burial place of Chinggis Khaan. We will pass two gentle hills today. We will have lunch on the way. Today’s total sled is 25 km.

Day 3

In the morning we will start sledding towards Bayantsagaan ger camp in the park. We will sled on the ice of the mighty Tuul River. We will have a packed lunch on the way. Today’s total sled is 35 km. Dinner & overnight will be at the Bayantsagaan ger camp.

The park is located in the Khentii Mountain Range which is 70 km – 100 km from Ulaanbaatar. Gorkhi- Terelj National Park is one of the large untouched natural landscapes of Mongolia. The National Park attracts many tourists with its spectacular rock formations and endless taiga forest. There are high granite, rocky mountains, isolated fields, slopes, river valleys, lakes, moors and endless taiga forest in the National Park. It is common to see nomadic families on the steppes.

Day 4

This morning after breakfast we will sled to Buuveit ger camp in Terelj National Park.Our lunch will be at Buuveit ger camp. The camp is located in one of the most spectacular spots in the National park. Dinner & overnight will be at the ger camp.

Day 5

Hike & Dog sled around the camp. We take a trip to Turtle Rock.This is an amazing granite rock, shaped like a turtle, and found in a beautiful side valley. We will have a picnic lunch. Dinner & overnight in the ger camp.

Day 6

Dog sled to Terelj village, dinner & overnight UB-2 hotel We will move over a pass into the Terelj River Valley and sled down to the banks of the river were we will reach the tourist resort in hibernation.

Day 7

Dog sled to Gachuurt camp. Dinner & overnight in the ger camp. Today we have a long journey crossing 2 passes before we once again reach the Tuul River Valley. In one of the side valley is the winter camp of Nomads Tours.

Day 8

Dog sled to Bumbat camp
Today we cross the Bayanzurkh Mountain and cross the road from Ulaanbaatar to Nalaikh and then enter back into the Bogd National park.

Day 9

Drive to Ulaanbaatar. Free in the afternoon. 

This tour can be organized as an individual request.
Prices include the following
Domestic flights, transportation within Mongolia. Tented accommodation while on trek, three meals a day, English-speaking guide,transfers, camel or horse hire where specified, support staff including drivers, horse/camel men and camp assistants.

Prices do not include

International transportation, travel insurance, visas, departure tax, alcoholic drinks, gratuities, items of a personal nature.

It is the responsibility of the client to be fully covered with travel and medical insurance while traveling in Mongolia.

Please note

Upon request, single supplement in the countryside can be provided at the additional cost. In case single accommodation in ger camps was not provided the amount would be calculated based on the missing nights and reimbursed.

Nomads cannot be held responsible for over bookings, as long as the company can prove with sufficient documentation that overbooking has been the error of the third party.

Should circumstances beyond our control, such as the imposition of quarantine restrictions, any changes of domestic flight or train schedules, require a change of itinerary, we will inform your agent and propose an equivalent itinerary. Again, Nomads cannot take over the responsibility for the Airlines or the National Train Company. The traveler is responsible for having proper travel documents, such as a valid passport, proper visa and the necessary passport pictures.

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