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We are a well-established company with a name for quality of service. Since 1993 in operation, Nomads works still with most of the partners from that time and has won many new partners additionally. As well we cater for individual travellers and have put some of their feedback on this page as reference.

Our clients are seldom royalties and fame like Julia Roberts, but most of the time, people who like to get a good and personal service for their journey of a lifetime. This service we deliver with an experienced team of various people, from Mongolia as well as from abroad.

We believe that in the working-together of foreign and Mongolian experts know-how and attitude are exchanged in the most productive manner. The fact that Nomads is foreign owned does not mean that the benefit of the transfer of wealth between rich and poor is non-functioning, but the opposite: It works even better, as not only cash is transferred, but additionally know-how, attitude and true cultural understanding


It is our goal to foster unity in diversity between different cultures, countries, nations, religions and peoples of the world through travel and exchange.

How to go about this?

Greater understanding between different cultures of the world through

  • information of travellers before they travel
  • working together with resident and foreign staff
  • interaction of travellers and residents
  • trying to understand rather than be understood.
Service to the community through
  • building of structures in the destination country as jobs, staff education, participation in social and economic projects, tax paying
  • service projects to local communities in Mongolia
  • encouraging travellers to take on the attitude of service to others
Elimination of differences between rich and poor Nations through
  • keeping operation costs outside of Mongolia low, ensuring that the main proportion of the income goes to the destination country
  • through education aimed at eliminating the prejudices developing between rich and poor nations
  • through paying good salaries to employees throughout the year as well as seasonal
  • through providing opportunities for people in destination countries to travel abroad.
Respect for all people no matter what their background through
  • information of travellers
  • interaction of travellers and residents
  • creating atmospheres of trust, respect, openness and consideration between people on all occasions.
Contributing to the cultural diversity of the planet through
  • informing travellers about the local culture of destination countries
  • encouraging residents to talk about their own culture and country and maintain the natural pride they have for their own unique heritage
  • cultural interaction of different groups

Providing personalized, reliable, information and service to potential and existing clients through

  • treating all clients with respect and taking all questions and concerns seriously.
  • treating clients not as numbers on a page or means of profit for the company
  • providing clients with personal service meeting their unique requirements

Maintaining close working relationship with partner companies in destination countries through

  • understanding the needs of the culture and people in the partner companies
  • developing close working relationships with these companies to the benefit of all
  • helping to inform the travellers before they travel about the destination making the work for the partner company easier

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