Dog Sledding in Mongolia

Even though dogs have been an integral part of Mongolian nomadic life, only now has dog sledding become known in Mongolia thanks to Joel Rauzy, the experienced mountain guide and sled dog driver or Musher, from the Pyrenees mountains who set off to discover Mongolia, the last place in the world were there is snow but no dog sledding! He will be your guide on our expeditions.

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Expedition & Adventure

Challenging and fascinating programs: immerse yourself into the genuine life of nomadic people in remote areas of Mongolia .

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Travel with Style

At nomads we offer elite travel services for our international guests.

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Cultural yet Comfortable

Touch, taste, hear and smell wild Mongolia while enjoying your cozy and comfortable camp.

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Horseback Expeditions and Camel Treks

Riding the trails of the warriors of Chinggis Khaan, admire the vast Mongolian steppes of his descendants, visit their homes, and share their traditions.

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Step-Overs and Extensions Trips

These short programs allow you to make the most of your stopover or short stay in Mongolia .

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When in Mongolia, do as the NOMADS do

Nomads, based in Mongolia, has an expert team of both international and local staff. Our office is run efficiently and communication with our partners and clients in other countries is both reliable and fast. If you are traveling independently we can arrange your trip to your specific requests.

We have English and German as our international languages in the office. We believe that the most important person is our client, so if the person you are dealing with is out of the office then someone else can easily answer your questions and will know about you and your trip. These professional arrangements will start from your first communication with our office and will continue until you leave the country, after your trip is complete.

Julia Roberts "In the Wild" with Nomads

In autumn of 1999 Julia Roberts came to Mongolia to film with Tigress Productions from the UK a documentary on Mongolia and its wild horses.

The company had sent a manager ahead to pre-arrange the work here in Mongolia . Nomads was chosen to provide all the logistics to this exceptional project.

Julia did enjoy her stay here and developed sympathy and love for the family she visited in Tuv Aimag.

Tuul Riverside Lodge

Weekend Expedition to Mt.Burkhan Khaldun

We organize special retreat trip starting from mid of August all throughout the year, from Friday to Sunday to Burkhan Khaldun Mountain where, according to legend, Genghis Khaan went to pray for guidance. Click to see details ...

Nomads Winter Events

Each March Mongolians celebrate the Ice Festival around the lake Khuvsgul, legendary Eagle Festival and the Thousand Camel Festival in the Gobi desert. The festivals involve a variety of activities and competitions. The Ice festival is also a shamanistic ceremony offering fascinating insight into reindeer people's way of life. Historically, nomadic Kazakhs depended on Golden Eagles for hunting. The Thousand Camel Festival includes a camel race, a polo competition and folklore. Click to see details ...

The Lunar New Year Celebration

The festival of the lunar New Year, Tsagaan Sar, is celebrated in or around February depending on the Mongolian lunar calendar. Tsagaan Sar, meaning White Month or Moon, is one of the main two big public annual events, next to the Nadaam. It marks the end of Winter and the beginning of spring and the new year´s cycle. Click to see details ...


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Mongol Warriors

A BBC team in collaboration with "High and Wild" carried out a “Mongol Warriors training” program in the Khentii Mountain Range of Mongolia, which later featured a chapter called ‘Tasting Warrior Life’ in the BBC book titled ‘Unforgettable Things To Do Before You Die.’



Trekking and Mountaineering

Camp beside lonely crystal-clear lakes, feeling like the whole world belongs to you, or trek into the glaciated peaks of the remotest Altai Mountains .

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Special Interest Trips

Fishing: Fish in rivers snaking through the Mongolian steppe grasslands and taiga forests at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. It's a paradise for adventurous anglers albeit with the caveat of being one of the coldest regions on earth in winter when temperatures plummet to -50 Celsius.

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Light Travel

For light travelers and self-arranged travel, Nomads started offering services in 2001. Here you, not us are in charge. We only provide some ingredients that you will need, such as a vehicle, driver, a translator and camping equipment.

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