Tuul Riverside Lodge

The Tuul Riverside Lodge is a small, fully sustainable, traditional Mongolian camp surrounded by a sea of grass and rolling hills, which stretch down to the nearby River Tuul and beyond. Situated within an hour’s drive east of Mongolia’s bustling capital Ulaanbaatar, a warm, and peaceful welcome awaits you. You will stay in beautifully decorated traditional dwellings, known locally as gers, with the added advantage of en suite facilities. 

At the Tuul Riverside Lodge there is something for everyone, regardless of age, experience or ability. We offer a wide range of both adventure and cultural activities, allowing you to enjoy and learn about Mongolia to the fullest. Relax around a roaring campfire and marvel as the Milky Way passes overhead. Enjoy the solitude and freedom that is Mongolia, and let your worries fade away. 

Given the high standards of the lodge, the beauty and tranquility of the area, and its close proximity to the city, make it the perfect place to hold small business meetings, conferences and team building days. 



The camp can cater to a wide range of activities to suit all ages and abilities. The surrounding terrain is perfect for horse riding, and there is no better way to explore the area than with one of the local guides. Ride the mountain-steppe like the locals have since the days of Chinggis Khaan and before. Other activities that the camp can cater for include:

Hiking Bird Watching
Mountain Biking Mongolian Archery
Kayaking and Boating Mongolian Wrestling
Yak cart riding Fishing

The camp is also perfectly placed for you to discover Mongolia and its people. A wide variety of cultural activities can be organised for you to experience rural life at first hand. Visits to local herding families have proved to be very popular and you will see how a typical day is spent on the steppe. Learn about the traditional summer foods or "tsagaan idee", or how to cook a Mongolian meal. Learn how to sing a traditional Mongolian folk song, or how the game of "shagai" is played. Enjoy a traditional concert, listening to the haunting sounds of "huumi" or throat singing. Other activities include ger building, and Mongolian wrestling, and the chance to take part in a Warrior Training Camp. The Tuul Riverside Lodge is perfectly located to give you many insights into the life of the nomad. 



A non exhaustive list of tariffs is found below. For more details on any of our activities, or group rates, please contact us. 

The prices are for the rental of a ger /yurt/ for an overnight on B&B basis.

Standard Single Ger $89
Standard Twin/Double Ger $150
Standard Triple Ger $180
Standard Small Family $180

Semi-deluxe Single Ger $150
Semi-deluxe Twin/Double Ger $190
Semi-deluxe Small Family Ger $210

Deluxe Single Ger $229
Deluxe Double Ger $270
Mongolian Deluxe Family Ger $330
Kazak Deluxe Family Ger $360

Junior Mini Ger $99
Conference Ger $360


Lunch $20
Dinner $25

For speciality meals such as Khorhog, or large party buffets, please contact us for more detailed information.

TRANSFERS: City to camp transfers can be arranged for any number of guests. The kind of transportation used will be determined by the number of guests.

Up to 3 pax $20/person
Greater than 3 pax $15/person

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