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A few years ago the only way to Mongolia was through Beijing, with a couple of days stopping to stand in long queues to get a visa. Nowadays getting to Mongolia from different parts of the world is becoming easier and easier thanks to the Mongolian carrier MIAT. MIAT now flies to a variety of international destinations which are easy stop-overs points for any traveller coming from America, Europe and Australia. Below is a list of cities that MIAT flies to and the flight departure day and number. Please contact us for bookings and prices for international flights.


MIAT /Mongolian Airlines/
via Beijing, Berlin, Tokio, Seoul and Moskau





Another great way to get to Mongolia is from Beijing on the trans-Mongolian train. The departure days from Beijing are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The journey takes one night and two days. It is a magical journey which takes you from the heart of the hustle and bustle of down-town Beijing , past the Great Wall of China and into Mongolia , through the Gobi desert.

From Moscow you can get to Mongolia on the Transsib which leaves Moscow every Tuesday and Wednesday and arrives to Ulaanbaatar on Sunday and Monday respectively. As well there is a daily train to Ulaanbaatar from Irkutsk.




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