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It is our intention to convince you to work with us opening up Mongolia to your clients in a good and satisfying way. We are happy to work hard so that our clients will receive a value service for the price they pay as well as you having acceptable profit margins.

Most of our clients are Travel Companies around the world, which offer Mongolia as one of their destinations. If you need examples of our partners, please contact us- we are happy to tell you from whom to enquire a reference.

We work here in the Quality - or Medium segment as well as the Luxury segment. Itineraries for group / catalog departures as well as individual itineraries are designed in co-operation with our agents, than carefully checked and were necessary researched.

If you wish to set a new departure to Mongolia we are very happy to suggest a program and calculate a price. If you like to investigate Nomads as your potential ground operator for Mongolia for already existing itineraries, we are happy to check your program and give you a quote.

Additionally Nomads has designed a program which we suggest below and which is unique of its kind in Mongolia:


Competitive consumer price
Nomads FDD Program is a product, designed for tour operators and travel agents who wish to offer to their individual clients departures with group prices without having to run them exclusively.

Groups can be filled up
As many companies around the world sell this product there is a much higher chance to fill a group than if an operator for whom Mongolia is a small destination tries to fill a departure themselves.

More choice
Additionally there is the possibility to offer a much larger variety of types of departures as well as departure times. So we have a large variety of trips reaching from Climbing or Riding to Cultural Adventure with 50 Departure dates in 2003.

Nomads guarantees not to sell the departure to individual travelers at a rate below the stated price on the homepage. It gives favorable prices and conditions to Tour Operators and Travel agents. Please inquire rates by email from the office (providing your name, company/agency details, market, address, homepage)

Service Quality
The product is designed for a demanding clientele used to receive the best service everywhere. We have high rates of customer satisfaction as well as records of keeping itineraries unchanged and operating trips entirely successful. We are happy to give you contact details of partner companies if you wish to get a confirmation on the quality of our service.

We guarantee or departures from 2 pax onwards. In this way, the probability that a departure has to be cancelled after you have sold it to your client is fairly small. We offer any of our departures as well to a different date exclusively to your clients if requested.

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