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Professional Service
   Nomads has an expert team of both international and local staff. Our office is run efficiently and communication with our partners and clients in other counties is both reliable and fast. If you are traveling independently we can arrange your trip to your specific requests.

We have English and German as our international languages in the office. We believe that the most important person is our client, so if the person you are dealing with is out of the office then someone else can easily answer your questions and will know about you and your trip. These professional arrangements will start from your first communication with our office and will continue until you leave the country, after your trip is complete. 



Established Long-Term Relationship
Nomads believes that people are the most important part of our business and as such we pride ourselves on the fact that we have developed close ties with all our partners, suppliers, local contacts and fellow staff members. Many of our partner companies have worked with us since the beginning of our operations and individual clients come back to travel with us again and again.

Nomads holds an excellent reputation with all our local suppliers, who find our efficient and reliable way of doing business exceptional. Our local contacts look forward to a visit from a Nomads group in the countryside and often plan a celebration. Our staff, who are like loyal, family members, are also part of our long-standing relationships.


Experience & Local knowledge
Nomads has been in the business of travel and tourism since 1992. These years of experience have provided us with a wealth of contacts throughout the country and unrivaled knowledge of the most remote and fascinating places to visit, whatever your interests or time frame. Each year we run many 'first-time' trips to places which no other tourist groups have yet explored. All our staff members are involved in these trips so you are guaranteed that the person who plans your trip and shows you the sights know what they are talking about. If you want to know how to travel from one remote area of the Gobi to another a Nomads driver is the person to ask. We have several clients who love to choose an obscure destination within the country and then let Nomads handle all the arrangements. We annually train all out guides in every topic relevant to Mongolia, from religious arts to constructing gers.


Client Focus
Coming to Mongolia is the holiday of a lifetime for our clients and we ensure that this expectation is fulfilled. Nomads' clients know that the service they receive will provide them with every comfort and delight possible in the country. Before the trip begins all client's requests are taken seriously whether it is trying you hand at archery or riding a Naadam horse. During the trip clients have several opportunities to meet with office staff and guides are trained to ensure all needs are met. All our clients are encouraged to give use feedback after the trip, verbally or in written form, and we put these useful suggestions into practice.


Unrivaled Service Standards
The service on our treks is of the highest standard possible in this isolated country. We have a fleet of our own vehicles which are perfectly suited to the Mongolian roads and conditions. We have 3 person tents for every two people, dining tents and toilets (with real toilets!). These facilities allow us to take you to areas of the country where there is no infrastructure, in the best possible style. Besides high quality equipment and vehicles we provide those extra niceties to clients which make our treks unsurpassed in service and comfort. Fancy one or two sugars in your tea when it’s brought to your tent in the morning? The staff who accompany you are trained, experienced and reliable, but above all, love showing Mongolia to fellow travelers.


High Cultural & Environmental Standards
Nomads believes that the interaction between two different cultures can produce positive change and learning opportunities for all. The key to all our interactions is one of mutual respect and tolerance for individuals, institutions, customs, practices, social norms and religious beliefs. At Nomads we strive to ensure a sage, viable future for the nomadic people of Mongolia by working with them, learning about their culture and traditions, respecting their values and lifestyle and educating others in this ancient culture. This same respect extended to all the peoples of Mongolia and those who travel or work with us, regardless of religious, social or ethnic background.

Eco-tourism in Mongolia is still in its earliest stages. Nomads is actively involved in helping to develop the knowledge and practice of eco-tourism within the country. As such, we always attempt to keep high environmental standards on all our treks and train our staff and clients to do likewise. The guiding principle is one of leaving the land and natural resources in a better condition than when we found them. A philosophy of 'leaving no trace' is the underlying principle of all our travel in Mongolia.

Helge is the owner and director of Nomads. Since taking over Nomads in 1995 the company has gone from strength to strength and is now the most successful trekking company in Mongolia. Helge shares his time between managing staff, presenting Mongolia on travel shows, inspiring more travellers to come to Mongolia and leading treks.



Suzan came to Mongolia in 1995. Born in Africa, brought up in Turkey, Holland and Germany made her sensitive to the words “the earth is but one country and mankind its citizens”. Suzan handles international correspondence for the company and works on the trip planning. She is also involved in the guide training program.



Batlaa is the longest standing employee of the company. He has been with Nomads since the company first started in the far west of the country. He is responsible for the carefully planned itineraries through the Altai Mountains and many other places besides. Batlaa works on our treks as leader, horseman and fix-it-man.



Ganaa joined us in 1998 with a background in accounting. She possibly has unequaled experience of the travel business in Mongolia and now works for Nomads handling all our local bookings and contracts. This not only ensures good service for Nomads from local suppliers but also reliability and efficiency for our travelers.



Boloroo is our medical doctor. Besides her challenging duties as a human resource manager, Boloroo still finds time to train our guides and take care of medical problems in the company. We feel enriched by her warmth and genuine interest in people and her desire to be of help to others.



Having received a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Mongolian Technical University, Enkhsukh joined NOMADS in 1999. He manages the garage and workshop which contain our vehicles (around 25) and drivers. He is also responsible for all rented seasonal cars and buses.



Uyanga has been at Nomads since June 2006. She is the office and logistics manager in charge of the city vehicle planning. Uyanga graduated in business administration at the University of Ulaanbaatar. After a stint at a design and publishing house, she joined the Nomads team.





Amgaa, after having guided many of our clients for the past 7 years and lead a number of expeditions, she joined the marketing and sales team. She especially likes horse riding expeditions to remote corners of Mongolia and that way gained very good knowledge of all parts of Mongolia. Amgaa is mother of twin girls, and has a degree in Economics and Trade.



Naraa started working for Nomads in April 2004. Before that, he had a number of jobs including an assistant to a geologist, a driving instructor, and a project leader for ADRA where he worked with the underprivileged of Mongolia. He works in the garage and prepares and hands out all the equipment for the trips.



Tsetsgee is the food logistics manager and prepares all the kitchen appliances and large amounts of food and treats to keep you going on your trips. She has been with the company since 2002, before which she worked as a crane operator.




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